TIPPING POINT EXHIBITION - Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, the Northern Quarter, Manchester

"Each artist crucially focuses on a moment of change: on the limbo state between stability and chaos, inviting audiences to become part of the tipping point".

Professional Practice opportunity to become involved with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, to work with its curator to explore ‘Tipping Point’ exhibition themes and the three artists in the show, Cindie Cheung, Andrew Lim and Jamie Lau.

On Friday 14 February 2014 a group of us from L5 and L6 met with Liz Wewiora and Jill Randall at the centre to discuss the brief which turned out to be quite broad but was essentially to pull together an event for the exhibition. A group of MMU sculptor students will also be involved and we will meet with them a couple of weeks following our meeting.

1) Waiting to go in
2) The Window Display
3) 4) and 5) Cindie Cheung’s video based installation ‘Teeth (version 1)’ , “explores the theatrical mechanisms and underlying violence inherent in stylized images of women and in particular in advertisement where women’s bodies are objectified and over sexualized in order to sell a
6) and 7) Jamie Lau’s Sink Hole inspired by the recent news story of a man who was swallowed up into a sink hole beneath his home in Florida.
8) The label for Lau’s site-specific interactive piece.
9) and 10) ‘Blanks Reborn Scientific’ a “kinetic work using wind created by electric fans to create shapes and forms with everyday objects” (in this case an inked typewriter ribbon).

Source: Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art